Sales Secret for the Sales professionals soul ….

So close, yet so far? Well, what I am referring to here is the never-ending sales cycle we all sales guys are a part of. It is heart-wrenching when we give everything we have in the tank, yet the prospect needs time to convince himself to go ahead.

This can be categorised as the lowest point in every sales professional life. The situation gets worse when we start talking to self and question why? Why me? What did I do wrong? And even worsens when you see others around you overcome that situation. That is when you start having the feeling of losing everything you worked so hard to build.

I have gone through this situation in my life, not once but several times. The best advice I got was to talk to myself and remember the three basics which should be the foundation of every sales professional’s career. Here are the three things I dwell on when I get into such a situation, honestly, I have twisted them for my understanding:

1) I feel you Bro 

Being in sales and always being driven by numbers often leads us to ignore that we are here to solve a problem. Our prospect is talking to us because he is stuck and is trying to figure out a way to get him out of the mess he into. What do we do better to ensure we are connecting better with our prospect for him/her to open up and give us a thumbs up?

  • Have deep empathy: Empathy is the ability to feel with another person, to identify with them and to sense what they’re experiencing. The deeper sense of understanding we show, the greater the trust in you as an individual talking to them to solve their problem.
  • Show how much you care: Caring is half the problem-solving. Take a sincere and vested interest in your prospects’ problem and show how much you care about their idea and business.
  • Have their Back: You must build that trust. If you connect with your prospect, make them believe that you always have their back, come what may. Till the time you don’t build that trust, it is unlikely that your prospect would believe that you are here to solve the problem.
  • Give a DAMN!: Yes, you read it right. Give a damn about what your prospect is into. This is when you will have the conviction, to be honest and tell them if your product or service will help them or not. Often, this is the most difficult thing to say, but believe you me, people like honest people. If you succeed in keeping your prospect over and above your product or service, that prospect will give business wherever you go, because you are honest and you give a DAMN about what they manage.

2) Scooby Dooby Doo is great at solving mysteries

  • No Pain, No sale: Without knowing why the prospect is engaging with you will only lead to your failure. You would have to ask questions, probe as much as you can to figure out what exactly is hurting your prospect. Is it the coffee? Or the coffee machine? Until you are clear, there will be no sale.
  • Becoming Doctor Strange: Doctor strange always knew what part of the universe or which timeline was the safest place to escape and settle down. Similarly, we need to diagnose the exact problem. Coffee or coffee machine J
  • Bridge the gap: Most prospects will not be sure about what exactly is the problem. Even if they knew, they would be struggling to bridge the gap. That is where we come in. We are the guide the prospect is looking for to cross over, so help him cross over and set them free.


3) BulletProof Monk 

  • Proactive is better than reactive: Objections make us reactive. It is a natural process. To combat objections, I pre-empt them. Getting into the prospects’ shoes and getting to know what could they possibly think would give me an understanding of what will they do to stop me from going to the bank.
  • Set the Agenda: Setting the agenda of the meeting and the calls lets you drive your conversations the way you want it. Speak about the things which you want to cover which would also include the possible objections your prospect might have.
  • Big Picture Joe: The entire process revolves around the belief that you have captured the idea shared by the prospect. The moment when you make them believe that you are there for them, the sale is yours, because you know every pulse of the conversation.

Bruce Lee once said: 

“Empty your mind. Be formless, Shapeless, Like water”

No Sales script or process can help you close the sale. When you go with the flow and improvise on the run, you are capable of having more meaningful conversations that turn conversations into sales orders.

Happy Closing 🙂


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