Liar Liar Pants on Fire!

Send me some information and I will get back to you. The dreaded line, which we salespeople live by. For years, I believed my prospects, until I learned the truth by being someone’s prospect.

I advised a credit card seller the same thing and I never got back to him. Sadistic? Maybe. That episode gave me a reality check, PROSPECTS LIE ON YOUR FACE!

My Key Learning’s:

  • Lack of Value

A decade back, Sales calls were all about shoving your product/Service your prospects throat, earn commissions, have a great weekend and move on. Not quite now. Prospects have become smarter.

They look for value in the product/service they are investing in. If the value is not created on the call, the prospect would always turn away. Always remember, they have a million reasons to say ‘NO’, we have just one reason to make them say a ‘YES’. Value is that one reason.

  • Lack of Budget

Gone are the days when prospects used to say I do not have the budget directly. The new way of putting that across is, send me the proposal and I will get back to you. A polite way of saying, I cannot buy from you, as I do not have the money!

It is important to qualify your prospects better. Understand if they are good fit terms of budget. Majority of prospects shop without having a budget in mind and few among them buy more than what they had thought of.

We all are behind those few, so qualify better. Go as deep as possible.

  • Lack of Urgency

The fear of God does not exist anymore. Not always, we can create the fear and walk away like a boss. Let us get real. The alternative to that is, reminding the problem that we are solving to gain what we are promising.

The business benefits that we talk about all the time, Remember? Show them how their business will transform. The impact the product/service will have on their business. 74% of prospects believe in investing, keeping business growth in mind.

74% is a number I will keep working with all day J

In hindsight, I laugh at all those instances where I was convinced of getting a business only to be waiting. Think of those times, have a laugh, move on to the next call.

As Siu Dan says – You can’t help them, if you can’t sell to them … Happy Closing!


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