Dead Fish go with the Flow!

The moment I read that line, I was laughing my ass off. Credit goes to Keenan for coming up with a line as savage as this on one of his posts on Linked In.

The line surely is funny; it also brings back memories of old cold calling days.

A decade back, I was with an IT services company with a job of setting appointments for my sales managers. You can send mass emails or cold call to generate these leads.

Being more of the calling type, I used to play the game of 100 points every day to speak to as many people I could. The funny part was that I followed a routine, which others were following for a long time.

Following the routine without evaluating is being dumb. Just because the other person got an appointment by sending, an email does not mean that you will also get an appointment. The most important thing is to understand what your strength is. Cold calling? E-Mailing?

There was a moment where I was not getting any leads at all. I was doing a great job at sinking. Every day I followed the same routine, emails, and calls voicemails leading to disappointment for 5 months on the trot. This is a classic example of DEAD FISH GOING WITH THE FLOW!

I decided to change my approach a bit.

The three things, which I did, were as follows:

  1. Sending a fax to my prospects
  2. Call and voice mail
  3. Linked in connect

The result of this changed routine made me realize my strengths and pushed my thought process to a new dimension. By the end of the year, I had achieved 145% of my target even after being a dud for the first 5 months. Sweet!

The biggest reason for failure is that most of us are afraid of change. In order to make shit happen, embrace the change. Do not be overwhelmed by Change, instead, live with the overwhelm.

Have confidence in yourself. “Self-confidence is the most attractive quality a person can have. How can anyone see how great you are, if you cannot see it yourself? “

Every bad apple around you will try to shoot down your idea; they will make fun of your approach. Why? Because they are overwhelmed. They are those stubborn ass snowflakes who cannot embrace change!

So …

Do not be the dead fish, which goes with the flow. Have the courage to try new things and have the confidence to keep doing what you think is right.

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