The Ultimate Partnership!

“Who you marry, which is the ultimate partnership, is enormously important in determining the happiness in your life and your success.” ~ Warren Buffett

Truthfully, I realized the meaning of this quote 4 years after I got married to a woman who I dated for 15 years before that.

You and I both now that the internet has a plethora of quotes, which suggests the vital role played by women in a man’s success. I was not oblivious to it, but I never invested my time understanding it.

Only recently, while at an awards function, I saw how the Chairman of a leading IT company gave the entire credit for his success to his better half. It showed how humble he was, but believe you me that is not what struck me.

When I reflected on my own life, Trust me, everything I could have thought of, life, family, profession, wealth; I could see her contributions everywhere.

There can be plenty, which I can state, but here are my top picks from her contribution bucket: –

A Teacher in need

I never had the chance to learn things the easy way. I failed many times before I used to get it right. My Wife stood right behind me to guide me through all my failures towards success. She never had a doubt as the wise one had supreme confidence in my ability to make it big. Her contribution towards me not making the same mistake again has been immense.

The Greatest of all Mentor’s

I am glad that I moved in the direction of people with whom I could associate. She is the kind of person I would like to be. Simple, Sincere, honest, hardworking and confident. In simple words, she is better. Every important decision we have taken together, her approach towards reaching a solution has been a massive lesson for me.

A Friend in need is a Friend Indeed

Whatever the topic is, she will be up for a conversation. She has nothing to do with computers, yet she will be ready for a conversation. In an era where Technology begs to be a person’s best friend, she disrupts it with her fundamental notion of balancing things out by being a therapist.

She is the principal of the Critic school

Never has she let me take a decision before I prove that it is worth it. It is frustrating at times, but it is liberating too. If we succeed, we know why we succeeded, if we failed, we know the reason for our failures to omit it in the next attempt.

Be Compassionate

No matter how successful we become, no matter how wealthy we are, never forget to be compassionate. As they say, Givers are more liked and appreciated and hence are more influential.

These were some of the learnings of my life. Here is parting thought:

“Love your spouse more than you love your career, hobbies and money. That other stuff can’t love you back” 


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