The Mentor!

Many of us never realize the importance of having a mentor as we fail to spot the need. I failed to spot mine for 15 years out of the 16 I have worked for various companies in different capacities.

Is it important to have a mentor? If yes, who can be your mentor?

Each one of us is motivated to do things, that are associated with gain. The gains can be personal, political, financial or million other things.

When I chose a mentor, I asked a question – What will I gain by having him/her as a mentor? The answer was financial gain and personal gain.

Why choose a mentor?

No Man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.

We all are sure that experiences that we gain every day make us wiser. It helps us to solve everyday problems with ease.  But there are times when we are stuck to a point of having no direction at all. What do we do then? Either we rely on other person’s brain to solve the problem and accept the consequence, or you come up with a solution and accept whatever the consequences are. I chose the latter.

Having a mentor does not mean you have a magic bullet. It means you have double or triple or 10X the experience you currently have to approach the problem and a find a way out of it.

A mentor’s job is not to give you the solution, but to guide you on the right path to find the solution. How?

By simplifying things for you to construct your approach to solve the problem.

How to choose your mentor?

In short, your mentor is who you want to be in future. It does not matter how successful or how rich that person is. Until the time you can resonate with him/her, the job is done. If a person is influencing your thought process by restructuring your approach, or shift your perspective, you have hit jackpot!

Think of the long-term gains. All the qualities you would learn which would eventually make you a better YOU!  Just how you evaluate your girlfriend/boyfriend before marrying, you need to see how deeply and truly, you resonate with your mentor.

Think of it this way – Wisdom is nothing more than healed pain – Robert Gary Lee

Whom to choose as a mentor?

A mentor-mentee relationship happens when there is loads of interaction. Listening to successful people and following what they say does not make them your mentor; rather, they would become your influencers.

For instance, I love listening to what Seth Godin, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar and others who have loads to share. In reality, I cannot treat them as my mentor as I do not have the access to discuss my problem live with them. My feelings, thoughts and emotions are restricted until the video or audio I see and listen too.

Whereas my current mentor is to whom I look up to, I speak to them once in two days or every day and discuss my problems to gain their insight. The feelings, thoughts and emotions are for real. Your mentor would be the person with whom you feel connected and look up to.

Feelings and emotions are what brings two people into a relationship.

I hope you find a mentor and get better at what you do. It took me 15 years, many books, a plethora of videos and podcasts to understand how my Mentors have influenced my life for good.

I owe my success in the present and future to them …


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