The Good Apple, Bad Apple Theory!

If you are in Sales, Let us begin by asking a question to ourselves – What drives a person to pursue what he wants to?

Commitment? Purpose? Success? Goals? Dreams? Responsibilities? If yes, what fuels that drive?

People in Sales are like a flowing river. They are expressive, straightforward; open to contest and above all the MOST energetic. The energy is like a beam which is shot into the sky and being visible to everyone around. The same energy, good or bad, is contagious too.

Let us face it; not every day is same. There will be days when your prospects will not buy from you. There would be rejections, plenty before an acceptance. Every sales person after losing a prospect would have a similar feeling – What the #### just happened? Damn, this is crazy! The feeling of rejection often pushes a person into a negative spiral. If it is a salesperson, be warned for an army of ANTS! I term them Bad Apples.

Ants are known to hunt in packs, which they call as a Raid, similarly, if an individual is having a bad sales month, un-intentionally the negative energy, which he carries along, will affect the entire pack of sales individuals in the team; Meaning – Bad Apple!  How to identify the Bad Apple? Simple – The one who always is unhappy with everything around him is a bad apple! Their lower self is so strong that they do not have the capability to fight it, which prevents them to come out of their shell. One bad apple in the team, a few weeks later, it will be a team full of bad apples!

Who are Good apples then? – They are the ones who are all of the above of what we described as the drive to pursue their objective. They are committed; they are positive, they dream big, they take responsibility for their failures and act upon it. They start fresh every day with the same enthusiasm they had on the first day with the same energy, which we referred to as the beam!

Good Apples:

–          Focused

–          Positive

–          Determined

–          Committed

–          Hungry to succeed

–          Enthusiastic

Bad Apples:

–          Lack of focus

–          Negative

–          Weak Willed

–          Low Self Esteem

–          Whiners

–          Divergent


I hope this helps you to profile your own friends and colleagues better. As they say, Tell me who your friends are and I will tell who you are … Choose your friends and colleagues wisely if you dream to become successful and make a mark for yourself.

One Good Apple a day, Keeps all the Bad Apples away 🙂

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