Being your Own Boss!

A plethora of times now, I have seen people around me, including I who have fallen prey to corporate politics which in turn leads to emotional and mental stress. Strangely, nothing seems to work during that phase, like a lost job interview, no job offers, no sales which eventually puts you into a lot of stress! I asked myself a question at that time, What can I do to overcome this downtime?

The answer to that question lies within you! Let me explain that to you:

A few Years back, I was employed with a services company and was doing great. I had a Five figure salary, great incentives, easy shifts, in short everything a sales guy would ask for. I also had a team to manage, thus, I was a King in my own opinion. Now for the downfall! History gave me a lesson that year, the majority of Kings and their massive empires were victims of Treason. One among his army betrayed him, and no points for guessing, it had to be his closest confidante. Similar in my case, the ones I trusted the most, Saved their jobs, gave me a learning, which I will never forget for the rest of my life.


My only escape route through that period was to have a conversation with my mentor and explain to him what had happened and where I stood at that time. It took him 10 minutes to clear my mind which was clogged like a drain. Here is what he told me:

“If you were an Entrepreneur and you faced a similar situation with your customer, what will you do with him? Will you lose your self-esteem to pursue him further or Fire him to maintain your self-esteem? “

Most people who work in a corporate job have a mindset to swallow everything negative around them at their workplace as most of us are burdened with responsibilities like, Family, Loans, Debts etc. In the midst of this, we forget a very important characteristic of Self which is termed as Self Esteem. In my mind, I had evaluated my then situation like this – I am a consultant who has been hired to do a job and I get paid for that. Technically, I assumed, I am running my own show. I applied the same logic which my mentor had advised and asked myself three questions:

  1. Did they question or doubt your ability?
  2. Did they make a personal remark on your character?
  3. Did they question you on your efforts and work?

If all of the boxes are ticked, just how it happened to me, the eventual result is firing your client and move on to pursue a better opportunity. In other words, I was being my own boss!

Exactly what I did, and Trust me, It felt as if I have gained mental solitude. My thinking changed, I felt my mindset was rebooted and I was back to my positive self.

Once your Mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it” ~ Steve Maraboli.

In short – Be your own boss!



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